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Ludwigia polycarpa

Ludwigia polycarpa

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Ludwigia polycarpa is a rare and vibrant aquarium plant with greener hues and a faster growth rate than Ludwigia sphaerocarpa. Its compact growth habit and eye-catching orange-brown hues make it ideal for any aquascape.

Ludwigia polycarpa, commonly known as the Many-fruited water-primrose, is a relatively new introduction to the aquarium hobby. This North American native species is found in regions stretching from the eastern and central USA to southeastern Canada, inhabiting floodplains, riverbanks, lake shores, and swamps. Terrestrially, it displays modest characteristics with slender, green leaves and minute greenish flowers extending on elongated stems.

However, when submerged, the plant exhibits a more compact and rosette-like appearance. In aquarium settings, its dense shoots with sharp, lanceolate leaves reach a diameter between 7-9 cm and develop side branches at their base. The foliage's hue ranges from a pale green to an orange-brown shade, contingent on the lighting provided.

Comparatively, Ludwigia polycarpa displays faster growth in aquariums than its counterpart, Ludwigia sphaerocarpa, and yields more side branches. While it’s not exceedingly demanding, optimal growth is achieved under strong lighting, supplemented CO2, and a robust nutrient supply, including through the substrate. Propagation is straightforward through cuttings.

Originating from North America's temperate zones with cold winters, Ludwigia polycarpa could be an excellent choice for cold water tanks. It thrives in indoor conditions with temperatures over 20°C, though its resilience to temperatures exceeding 26°C remains uncertain.


Quantity: 1 (Price per stem)

Growth Rate: Medium / Fast

Placement: Midground

Light Demand: Medium / High

CO2: High

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Nice size plant, beautiful!